Engage clients 10x faster without adjusting your caffeine intake.

Empower your clients with personalized care by digitally engaging, assessing, and psycho-educating your clients for better outcomes in less time.


Drag and drop your own activities with the activity builder.

Whether it’s exercises, homework assignments, assessments, or online learning, you can easily create stunning activities for your clients and save them to your personal library.

Drag and drop activities with the Quenza activity builder


Send a fully automated series of activities to your clients with the pathway builder.

At the click of a button, you can automate your intake process, onboarding, progress tracking, and follow-up by scheduling activities with automatic reminders.

Use the Quenza pathway builder to send automated series of activities


Select premade, science-based activities and pathways from the expansion library.

No time to build your own activities? No problem. We have an extensive library of science-based activities and pathways that practitioners love using with their clients.

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Use the Quenza library to send science-based activities and pathways to your clients
Using the Quenza client app maximizes involvement


Boost client engagement with the client app.

Your clients:

  • receive a notification every time you send out an activity
  • can view a personal to-do list with unfinished activities
  • get automated reminders for overdue activities (in-app or via email)
  • build a portfolio of completed activities that they can download as PDFs


Track and manage your clients’ results.

  • View your clients’ responses instantly upon completion
  • Choose who can see activity results: only you, you and your client, only your client, or let your client decide
  • Download completed activities in beautifully styled PDFs

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Quenza makes it easy to view, track and manage client results
Using the Quenza client notes feature


Save, share and comment on client notes.

Whether you want to document the session or jot down general observations, the client notes section is a convenient place to save anything important.

Clients can also use this feature for journaling, reflection, or anything that comes up and share their entries with you.

Chat safely and encrypted with all your clients within Quenza.


Communicate safely with clients and groups.

The chat feature allows clients and practitioners to easily communicate in a way that's fully encrypted. You can decide to enable or disable chat for individual clients, export your conversations to PDF and more.

With Quenza groups you can coach multiple clients at once.

Coach groups

Coach multiple clients at once with groups.

  • bulk import clients
  • create groups of up to 50 clients
  • send out activities and pathways to groups
  • chat with your groups and have clients interact with each other
  • export group results (PDF)

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Keep all your practice documents in one place.

The "Files" feature allows you to store PDF’s, spreadsheets, presentations, audio, video, and other documents, all within Quenza.

You can then safely share these files with your clients, and clients can upload and share their files with you. This is the best way to keep your practice organized and makes sure your clients have access to every document they need.

Store and share files safely with clients within your Quenza account.
Quenza lets you white label client emails and PDF results


Customize everything with Quenza’s white label.

Add your own logo, choose your own brand color, and choose how you want to appear to clients (e.g. my Coach, my Therapist).

NEW: Set your own sending email address and name, so that clients will know it’s you.


Choose your preferred language.

The client app has been translated into 16 different languages, so that your clients are able to use Quenza in their native language. We currently support Danish, English, German, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hindi, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish.

The interface and all system emails are translated. Expansion activities and pathways have not been translated because we’re constantly adding new ones. You are free to have these translated yourself.

The Quenza client app is translated into 16 different languages
All data transmitted and stored is secure and encrypted by Quenza

Feel safe

Everything you do, secure and encrypted

We believe that data privacy and security should never be an afterthought. That is why Quenza was designed to make the interaction between you and your clients as safe and secure as technically possible.

  • Personal PIN code, offering an extra layer of security
  • All data is stored with industry-leading AES-256 encryption
  • Fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant
  • Designed according to the latest Privacy by Design standards

Frequently asked questions

When you press the ‘Start Trial’ button, you are presented with a choice between the Lite or Standard versions of Quenza. For just $1 USD, you can try out either plan in order to find out whether Quenza adds value to your practice and your clients’ lives. During the signup process, you will set up your account details and are automatically logged into the desktop version of Quenza. Now that you have an account, you can download the accompanying app on your Android or iOS device.
You can now start creating activities – any type of document, exercise, homework activity, YouTube video, or assessment that you typically share with your clients. Simply drag and drop each activity, combining text fields, video links, 10-point scales, multiple choice questions, and reflection prompts. Continue creating and saving activities until you have digital versions of all the tools you regularly use in your practice. After adding your clients by entering their names and email addresses, you’re ready to start sharing activities with them and can track their progress as they go. That’s what we mean by “crafting your care.”
As with most things in life, the more you put in, the more you will get out. If you take some time initially to set up the activities and pathways in your account, you will save hundreds of hours for years to come. There will be no more need for cumbersome paperwork, printing, scanning, filing, and emailing back and forth with clients to keep them engaged and on track. You can automate your follow-up with clients and create inspiring pathways that will support them throughout the week in between sessions. We think you will love working with Quenza and are happy to offer you the chance to try it out for just $1 USD today. Also, we’re always here to help if you have any questions.
Good question. An activity is any type of document you typically share with your clients, ranging from an intake form or a mental wellbeing assessment, to a homework exercise you have developed.
A pathway is a series of activities. You can determine the order in which these activities will be sent out, as well as the waiting time in between activities. Some examples of pathways are a series of daily mindfulness quotes for 30 subsequent days or a character strengths at work pathway that assesses when clients are working from their strengths. If you have your own online course, psycho-educational materials, or other micro-learning you wish to share with clients, setting up a pathway is the ideal way to drip feed this content to clients.
Quenza is not a substitute for one-on-one sessions; it’s a supplement. A new way to be of added value.