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Improve your clients life balance with a ready-to-use digital Wheel of Life.

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What is The Wheel of Life?

The Wheel of Life is a coaching tool that helps you assess your client’s perceived satisfaction with different life domains so they can invest in the ones that require attention.

By having clients self-report on different aspects of their lives, the resulting pie chart visualizes not just how clients are doing, but also the gap between their current- and their ideal situation.

Quenza ready-to-use digital Wheel of Life.
Wheel of Life ten categories for a fulfilling life.

Life Balance Categories

The wheel typically consists of between eight and ten categories essential for a fulfilling life.

Segment names vary, but usually include the following:

  • Money & Finances
  • Career & Work
  • Health & Fitness
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Environment
  • Community
  • Family & Friends
  • Partner & Love
  • Personal Growth
  • Spirituality


Example Template of a Wheel of Life

This is what a filled out wheel looks like upon a client’s submission. Assessment scores are visualised graphically and can be downloaded both by the coach or by the client as a PDF.

Quenza example filled out Wheel of Life.


Create Your Own Online Coaching Exercises With Quenza

You can also choose to make the Wheel of Life a part of your other coaching exercises, worksheets, or online activities with the Quenza Activity Builder.

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Create your own Wheel of Life with Quenza.


Other Wheels and Worksheets You Can Choose

There are different variations of the Wheel of Life that can be created with Quenza, such as the Strengths Wheel that assesses a client’s character strengths or the Wheel of Needs for assessing need fulfilment.

Quenza Wheel of Values example

Wheel of Values

Assess the client’s perceived satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the different domains of life and help them to invest in those life domains that require attention.

Quenza Wheel of Needs example

Wheel of Needs

Help clients (1) evaluate their current level of fulfilment of ten essential psychological needs and then (2) work towards meeting those needs that seem to be lacking.

Quenza Wheel of Strengths example

Wheel of Strengths

Create a graphical representation of the potential use of the existing strengths that could be used more or less frequently.

Quenza Ikigai Wheel of Life example


Help clients to explore and connect with what is most meaningful by discovering the point at which their passions and talents converge with what others need and are willing to pay for.

Ready-to-Use Tools

Engage Your Clients in 3 Steps

Quenza has an extensive library with pre-made tools and activities that are ready to be sent out right away.

Ready-to-Use Quenza Tools Step 1 - Select the Template

Step 1

Select the Template

Add the suitable wheel exercise to your library of exercises and digital worksheets.

Ready-to-Use Quenza Tools Step 2 - Send it to Clients

Step 2

Send it to Clients

Send it out to your clients using the Quenza mobile or desktop app.

Ready-to-Use Quenza Tools Step 3 - Analyze the Results

Step 3

Analyze the Results

Both you and your clients can see and download the results as a PDF.


Download a Printable PDF with the Client’s Diagram

Easily download and print your clients’ results or save them to a client’s folder. Use the results as an interactive exercise with clients or students to look for areas of improvement.

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Download and print your clients’ Wheel of Life results


Build Interactive Activities and Tools with the Quenza™ App

Forget about Excel templates. Forget about email. Track your clients goals in the Quenza dashboard, accessible in the mobile or desktop app.

Build Interactive Activities and Tools with the Quenza™ App

Ready to start helping your clients in between sessions?

Set your activities and care paths up once, then let Quenza support your clients forever. No more emailing PDF files. No more pen and paperwork. No more falling out of touch with clients.

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Support your clients with Quenza activities and care paths
Henrika Tonder

“I love Quenza for its adaptability, elegant style and for how complete it is! It makes it really easy to strategically plan standard and automated pathways and activities for clients. What I’m the MOST impressed with is the high-quality service of the team. After having expressed my need for a wheel model, they developed it in just a couple of weeks and I am now using it for intake assessments.”

“Having a professional and inviting platform to share lessons really helps a lot. Before I’d use weekly email, a product like this did not exist! Now Quenza just sends out the next lesson as I have programmed it and when the client replies I receive a message in the Quenza App or in my email, as I wish.”

Elodie van Sytzama
Executive coach
Elodie van Sytzama

Frequently asked questions

Quenza is a software application that you can use to create and send out your own coaching exercises, such as the Wheel of Life. You can custom brand it and use it for your legal documents, instructions, reflection questions, goal tracking, and business management.

Using Quenza, you can create your own diagram by creating categories that represent the different areas of a client's life that you want to assess. It's fully editable.

Clients will see the activity results in their app or they can access the PDF download after completing the activity.

Quenza contains a so-called expansion library filled with dozens of science-based activities and tools. You can add these to your library with a single click!