How To Choose The Best Client Management App & System

Client Management App System

Choosing the right client management system for your practice can seem like a fearsome task – especially with today’s ever-expansive range of client management systems.

But picking out and implementing a great CMS can pay off exponentially in the long run, so we’ve put together our top tips for choosing the right software in this article. Read on for a list of CMS functions to look out for, plus our step-wise guide to making your CMS work for you.

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What are Client Management Systems?

In healthcare, client management systems refer to specially designed software that helps your practice cultivate and enhance its client relationships.

Through a range of online tools and features, a client management system (or CMS) also works to streamline your practice, enhancing your efficiency, communication, and patient satisfaction.

When it comes to online therapy or coaching, they achieve this in several ways, by:

  • Making solution design more efficient – so that you can deliver more professional, personalized services
  • Optimizing your communication – so customers can access help and support quickly and conveniently
  • Helping you collect and store important client insights – e.g. feedback from sessions or treatments, which can be used to optimize your client experience, and
  • Building your brand – with the tools you need to implement a patient engagement strategy, including marketing or patient outreach.

5+ Benefits of Using Client Management Programs

Client management systems are specially designed software solutions that help your practice cultivate and enhance its client relationships.

Using a client management program can be a highly effective way to automate many of the tasks that a successful patient or customer engagement strategy involves, simplifying your day-to-day operations.

But the real value of CMS software is its long-term potential for helping you grow your practice, and over time, client management apps and software can even help you become a more effective practitioner.

For example:

  • Client management programs give you an overview of your existing customer journey, helping you become more patient-centered
  • CMS apps facilitate team alignment, improving your intra-organizational communication and collaboration
  • Because they facilitate personalized client communications, such solutions can enhance patient engagement, and thus, customer retention
  • When used for customer feedback, client management systems can help your business identify new market opportunities or re-engage past clients, and
  • By streamlining your administration, CMS systems can free up your staff to spend more quality time with clients.

How To Choose A Client Management Platform

Each and every healthcare provider has its own unique clientele, team, and business context.

An ideal client management platform for an e-clinic, for example, will probably have vastly different tools and capabilities than the best solution for a solo tele therapist.

When searching for the best CMS for your business, it’s always a good idea to conduct a needs analysis – when you know what you’d like to achieve for your organization, it’s far easier to find the right tools for the job.

To give you a better idea of what you might be looking for, however, here’s an overview of how the best client management apps and software should empower your practice.

Best Client Management App & Software To Consider

Regardless of your practice size and specialty, enhancing your client relationships with software means you’ll need a solution that can:

  • Speed up your customer responsiveness – with real-time chat, for example, or automated notifications and emails
  • Enhance your intra-team communication – e.g., by storing important client information, progress notes, and more in a centralized, easy-to-access location
  • Simplify your client experience – which a reliable program will achieve with customer-facing client management apps
  • Collect customer or patient data – when you can design and send relevant surveys or patient engagement tools
  • Help you build and measure client engagement – so that you know your practice’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, and
  • Reduce your administrative burden – e.g., by allowing you to save regularly used forms and custom documents and share documents digitally.

All of these functions can sound a little confusing for anyone new to CMS software, but in practice, they’re often interrelated tools in a reliable solution.

For a clearer example of how client management system features can translate into a more efficient, effective patient experience for your practice, we’ll show you how an all-in-one solution works on the inside.

5+ Unique Tools in Quenza’s Portal

Quenza has been uniquely designed to help practitioners enhance their client management, with a wealth of easy-to-use digital tools for solo practitioners all the way up to large e-clinics.

Designed to be a HIPAA-compliant secure telehealth platform, Quenza is fully customizable – allowing you to share your unique client solutions, forms, and correspondence.

These core client management tools include:

  • A versatile Activity Builder, for creating bespoke interventions, exercises, homework, and client management forms
  • A flexible Pathway Builder, where Activities can be organized into ready-to-use programs, courses, or treatment plans
  • A free Expansion Library, with customizable templates such as popular assessments, lessons, meditations
  • Real-time, private, and secure client chat, and
  • A white label feature, for adding your professional logo to all your solutions and communications.

Custom Activity Builder

Streamlining your onboarding process creates a strong, positive first impression that can lay the foundation for a great overall client experience.

With Quenza, it’s easy to create custom templates for all your client management documents, so they can be sent automatically to any and all patients or customers as soon as they book an appointment:

Quenza Activity Builder Client Management System
Quenza’s Activity Builder lets you create branded client management forms and personalized exercises, delivered to your Client’s Portal on their mobile app.

This is straightforward in your Activity Builder, shown above, where you can use drag-and-drop tools to design important documents such as online intake forms, initial assessments, and contact information forms for instant or even automated delivery to new and potential clients.

Quenza’s Activity Builder is also a uniquely powerful way to share your own exercises and custom content throughout the whole of your clients’ journeys. Above, we’re putting together a personalized Sleep Quiz that can be sent out as part of a medical outreach program to enhance practice visibility.

Care Pathway Builder

In healthcare, care pathways greatly help your practice standardize its processes while promoting a smoother, more efficient client experience.

By allowing you to design patient-centric pathways in advance, Quenza’s Pathway Builder helps you deliver more organized, engaging journeys for those you help.

Quenza Client Management App Pathway Example
Create patient-centered care pathways that improve efficiency and ensure your client journeys flow smoothly with Pathway Building tools.

This can be done with Quenza’s Pathway Builder tool, shown above, to plan and assemble ready-to-go care pathways.

You might want to start with intake forms, for example, and move through each phase of your patient treatments or coaching programs.

Simply select the steps you’d like to include, as we’ve done above, and choose when you’d like each to be delivered to your clients to ensure no important steps are overlooked. They’ll receive all their essential documents to complete at a convenient time, while simultaneously, all essential client information can be stored in one centralized system at your end.

Expansion Library

Quenza’s Expansion Library also helps you reduce the time you spend designing key client management documents, such as evaluation forms and surveys that collect valuable patient feedback for your practice:

Quenza Expansions Client Management App
Modify and personalize surveys, forms, and quizzes in your Expansion Library to gather customer insights, thoughts, and opinions for a more personal client experience.

When customizing a pre-made Expansion Library Activity, form, or assessment, you can add tokens and additional fields to further personalize medical, therapeutic, coaching, or practice administration templates.

Some particularly versatile, ready-to-customize documents in your free Expansion Library are the:

Live Chat

Timely, relevant responses to important queries are at the core of good customer service. It means that your practice can greatly enhance patient satisfaction as a whole simply by ensuring clients can rely on your team for answers.

Responding to questions and comments as instant messages, as shown, also helps you keep track of your interactions with each client:

Quenza Chat Client Management System
Use Quenza’s HIPAA-compliant live chat feature to stay in touch with clients efficiently, on the go.

Using Quenza Chat to respond in real-time through your client’s mobile apps, you can keep all your correspondence encrypted, so your practice remains HIPAA-compliant.

White Label Communications

As well as having a standardized approach to how you handle all patient interactions, great client management is about building brand visibility.

Using your own logo on Activities, forms, and other important correspondence with Quenza’s white-label feature can be a great way to create more brand awareness while boosting your professional image.

Final Thoughts

A great client management system is key to delivering a smooth, professional, and enjoyable patient experience, from your client’s first interaction to their post-treatment feedback.

It can help you distinguish your practice, and even develop your unique, specialty-specific skills as a practitioner – which is why it’s important to choose wisely. Use our tips to help you find the right solution for your business, we’re sure you’ll be crafting professional, patient-centered experiences in no time.

Now you know how to get the most out of your CMS, don’t forget to start your $1 trial of Quenza, our client management system for blended care. Quenza will help you deliver seamless, professional client journeys and give you all the user-friendly online tools you need to build your practice online.

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