5 Coaching Apps To Inspire Clients & Upgrade Your Practice

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If your goal is to help others achieve theirs, a great coach app can be a game-changer. But in an ever-more competitive marketplace, it can be hard to sort through your options – especially if you’re new to online coaching or not sure what you’re looking for.

This article looks at some of the best coaching apps for different specializations, as well as their best features, drawbacks, and real-life customer reviews. Keep reading to take a closer look at the digital solutions that can help you streamline your business and maximize your positive impact.

Before you continue, we recommend you trial Quenza for $1 a month. Our all-in-one online coach app will help you build and share unique professional coaching solutions with your clients, so you can take your coaching practice digital today.

1. Quenza

Quenza is an all-in-one coach app, client engagement tool, telehealth software, and practice management solution with a wealth of online tools for program design, delivery, progress tracking, and more.

An incredibly versatile coaching app, the platform is a GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant solution for solo professionals and teams that want to create and share their own programs with clients digitally. It can be used to build coaching activities from the ground up, which can then be sequenced for automated delivery, or from fully customizable templates to save time. These are all shared securely with clients through the platform to access via the web or any connected device.

Quenza supports video coaching with easy multimedia uploads, as well as audio mp3s, PDFs, images, and other interactive coaching materials through a convenient drag-and-drop interface. The app also streamlines documentation and coaching management with tools for designing and sharing contracts, intake forms, informed consent, feedback, and coaching agreements.

Quenza Coach Apps
Quenza supports fully custom coaching content design, which is securely shared with clients through a HIPAA-compliant portal.

The coach app comes with free HIPAA-compliant client apps for Android and iOS, and all of its tools can be trialed on a $1 plan.

Best For: All Online Coaching

Price: $1+ monthly

Website: https://quenza.com/


  • “I find it easier to onboard clients with contract acceptance made much simpler. I can also engage with clients much more effectively in between sessions, keeping them focused and motivated with additional tasks through scheduling articles, activities, insights, blogs, links etc – and I can easily track their progress through the exercises too.”  – Capterra
  • “Quenza is really easy to use to set up activities for my coaching clients. It’s beautifully designed in both being inviting to coaching clients, and easy to use. The creators are fast and smart in adjusting to users needs.”  Capterra
  • “It is very user-friendly and convenient. It’s a great way for you to stay in touch with clients and keep the work going.”  Capterra


Quenza Coach App


  • Versatile Activity Builder for interventions, exercises, HEPs, questionnaires, assessments, and surveys
  • Coaching Pathway tool for creating custom courses and coaching programs
  • HIPAA-compliant Client Portal with notifications, reminders, and updates
  • Free client-facing Android and Apple apps
  • Suite of client engagement tools
  • Multimedia support for mp3s, video, images, and documents
  • Progress tracking and real-time reporting with client results



  • Easy-to-use online tools for Activity design, e.g. drag-and-drop
  • Huge library of customizable assessments, surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, activities, and scales
  • Fully white-label
  • Scalable for small, medium, and large coaching businesses
  • For mental health coaches, it’s also a patient engagement tool
  • For health coaches, it’s not yet compatible with fitness trackers
  • In-app messaging still being developed

2. CoachAccountable

CoachAccountable is an integrated solution that’s great for centralized coaching management. Clients can enroll in, pay for, and start coaching journeys that you’ve made available through the platform, then the app tracks their progress to provide you with insights. With video and audio recording support, coaches can create engaging content for sharing through the software’s mobile coach app.

This app is white-label, so can be branded to make a professional impression, and supports client subscriptions, payments, and some marketing functions. It can be used to deliver and manage group courses, making it suitable for executive coaches who work with employee or project teams, and comes with client relationship management tools such as in-app messaging.

CoachAccountable is easy to use, with positive reviews for responsive customer support.

Best For: Executive Coaching

Price: $20+ monthly

Website: https://coachaccountable.com/


  • It’s a comprehensive solution for coaches that are just starting out, who might not have the money for a client portal that hosts all their amazing content and fuels the client through their methodology.” G2.com
  • “It is great that you can have your entire business and client database in one spot. Invoicing and billing address super easy. Scheduling synced with my calendar makes it easy. Lead generation through offers is really easy as well.”G2.com
  • “The ONLY thing that is a frustrating experience is the UI/UX. The feel of it is pretty outdated in my opinion.” Capterra


Coachaccountable Coach Apps


  • Calendar management and appointment scheduling, plus online calendar integrations
  • In-app client messaging
  • Automated reminders, notifications, and messaging
  • Progress metrics and reporting
  • Audio/video recording
  • Customizable coaching templates, e.g. assessments, surveys, worksheets, and goal-setting exercises
  • Billing, invoicing, and contracts



  • Includes professional development material for coaches, including courses, groups, and an online knowledge bank
  • White-label, allowing you to brand your correspondence and content

3. VCita

Vcita is a lightweight, versatile coaching management tool that takes care of invoicing, appointment scheduling, documentation, and even marketing functions for online professionals. This coach app is great for business coaches because it comes with none of the unnecessary templates or medical features of most mental health coaching software, but gives you plenty of control over how you run your practice.

Clients can be imported in one go to populate your address book, then all functions are carried out from one intuitive, centralized dashboard for faster client, appointment, payment, and document management. Vcita is fully white-label, allowing business coaches to brand their correspondence, and compatible with some of the most commonly used payment processing platforms (e.g. Stripe and Paypal).

Vcita Coach App Example
VCita includes customizable marketing templates that can be delivered as email campaigns.

For coaches who aren’t quite accustomed to digital marketing, Vcita comes pre-loaded with customizable outreach templates, announcements, and even automated campaigns.

Best For: Business Coaching

Price: $12+ monthly

Website: https://vcita.com/


  • “The invoicing/billing system is not as robust as some other programs out there. Specifically, I would like the program to send out regular monthly retainer billing.” – Capterra
  • “I really like the client portal, the automated responses, and how well it integrates with my WIX website. I also like your customer assistance from sales to technical support.”g2.com
  • “The scheduling is very basic, similar to the free features in other applications. The marketing/email is very basic, not nearly robust as stand-alone email services.”g2.com


Vcita Coach App


  • Client onboarding and communication
  • SMS and email marketing – campaign design and implementation
  • Calendar management and appointment scheduling
  • Document management and note-taking features
  • Client billing, invoicing, and payment processing



  • Integrates with a huge range of apps for e.g. email marketing platforms, online calendars, accounting management, social media marketing, and payment processing
  • Bookings can be accepted easily from digital presences, e.g. social media and custom websites
  • Supports self-scheduling one-click payments, and in-app messaging with clients
  • Basic invoicing features
  • No live video coaching features

4. Nudge

Nudge is a brilliant coach app for personal trainers, fitness professionals, and health coaches in general. With tools for monitoring client progress and key health indicators like sleep, exercise, and physical activity, it’s a robust and convenient solution for small-to-medium-sized practices.

Using the app, which comes free for basic functions, coaches can set personalized fitness goals for their clients, get detailed data on their performance, and use the insights to engage them throughout a program. When it comes to motivation, Nudge includes clever features like client communities and leaderboards for additional incentives in group coaching.

One of the main draws of this lightweight, brandable app is the many integrations that are possible with other platforms – from iHealth and MapMyFitness for trainers to MailChimp and ConvertKit for email marketing. It’s also fully HIPAA-compliant, meaning that all data sent through the app is secure and private.


  • “I like the easy to use interface and the ability to add different media types, redirect content to other pages, and open feedback forums (i.e. Spark).”G2.com
  • “Some of the drawbacks I’ve noticed so far are… it’s not syncing properly with listed apps and it doesn’t seem that clients in the same group or program can see/interact with each other to see one another’s stats for friendly competition and/or motivation.”TrustPilot
  • “Flexible and simple to use. I think the only thing that I would like to see is more incorporation with apps.”TrustPilot

Best For: Health Coaching

Price: Free+ monthly

Website: https://nudgecoach.com/


Nudge Coach App


  • Support for client onboarding
  • Client progress tracking and reports
  • Private and group messaging
  • Group coaching programs and engagement tools
  • Companion iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Syncs with other fitness software(e.g. FitBit, Garmin, Apple Watches) and nutrition apps



  • Includes useful forums and ‘leaderboards’ for group programs, helping coaches build engagement by allowing participants to interact
  • Offers a branded remote coaching experience, which coaches can personalize with their corporate logos and text
  • Options for free accounts
  • Designed for health and wellness coaching, and offers limited functionality for other fields, e.g. life coaching

5. Satori

Satori is a simple, user-friendly coach app and client management solution that supports a range of functions. With calendar management tools for easy scheduling, features that support an entire online onboarding process, payment processing, and other useful tools, the software is great for new online life coaches who want to centralize all their admin and CRM functions in one place.

While it takes a little while to get accustomed to, the Satori app comes with a wealth of useful and easily customizable questionnaires, agreements, contracts, and marketing templates, all of which can be sent out from the platform itself. For life coaches specifically, it’s a quick, simple, and streamlined way to organize programs online, allowing you to bundle multiple sessions into single packages, which can then be marketed through the app.

Compatible with all web browsers, Satori supports progress tracking and client follow-up.


  • Once in a while there’s a tech glitch with payments/scheduling, but Satori’s team is ALWAYS there to support you and fix whatever is going on.” – Capterra
  • “The interface is really beautiful and it was easy to set up programs (it takes awhile to figure it out but once you get one going it all makes sense.)” – Capterra
  • “With it you can schedule appointments, organize programs, manage customer service, sequence customer progress and take care of service billing. Works with any web browser even the most innovative.” – Capterra

Best For: Life Coaching

Price: $33+ monthly

Website: https://satoriapp.com/


Satori Coach App


  • Centralized client profiles, with contracts, appointments, and billing in one dashboard
  • Supports payments and invoicing
  • Calendar management, including integrations with other calendars
  • Personalizable contracts and packages
  • Includes a library of marketing, sales, and client engagement tools (e.g. email opt-ins functions, pre-session questionnaires)



  • Doubles as a client management tool
  • The entire onboarding process can be digitalized
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer support
  • Has a slight initial learning curve
  • Lacks Zoom integration

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a back-end solution to simplify your admin or a white-label platform to boost your digital presence, these apps should contain a few useful features. Or at the very least, you may now know what tools or features might enhance the way you coach.

If you haven’t yet found the online solution, our Coaching Tools Archive is full of useful reviews, apps, and techniques that can help you bring your clients even better results – why not start with our look at the best Online Coaching Platforms?

We hope you enjoyed this review. If you’re keen to apply what you’ve learned for better client outcomes, don’t forget to start with our 30-day, $1 trial of Quenza, the coaching app for professionals.

Quenza was developed by professional e-coaches and includes all the tools you need to set inspiring goals, create individualized activities, and keep tabs on your clients’ progress, so you can share your unique online remote coaching solutions professionally, transforming others’ lives for the better.

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