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Coaching apps are essentially designed to improve your approach, helping you be more effective so that your clients can grow from the full, positive impact of your specialist skills. If you’re keen to up your digital coaching game, you might be looking into coaching applications for the first time.

In this guide, we’ll help you understand what you should be looking for in an ideal coaching app. We’ll explore the features and tools that can really drive results, and show you step-by-step how to get the most value from your software.

Before you get started, why not start your 30 day all-access trial of Quenza, our coaching application for e-practitioners? Quenza’s all-in-one online toolkit will help you craft unique, inspiring solutions to share with your professional clients, while giving you all the features you need to run your business from any digital device.

7+ Benefits of Using Coaching Applications

Coaching applications today are capable of far more than they once were, now offering powerful capabilities that can extend your reach while enhancing your positive impact.

There are a host of reasons why professional e-coaches use coaching applications in their day-to-day work, not least because they can simplify the daily tasks involved in running a business.

Coaching applications today are capable of far more than they once were, now offering powerful capabilities that can extend your reach while enhancing your positive impact.

With the right coaching app for your business, for example, it’s possible to simplify your data collection, grow your client list, and keep coachees engaged for better outcomes.

This table summarizes at least 7 benefits of coach applications:



Deliver personalized solutions

  • Quenza provides customizable tools to help you design individualized assessments, lessons, activities, and exercises tailored to your client’s goals
  • It helps you design personal, interactive interventions with your own videos, images, audio, and PDFs
  • Quenza’s Activity Builder includes client tokens and white-label capabilities, allow you to address coachees personally and brand your content with your business logo

Improve program design

  • With the right tools, you can organize separate resources into structured programs, e-courses, development plans, or career pathways
  • With Quenza’s Pathways Tool, learning and development can be automated, with content scheduled for delivery in advance

Easier data collection and storage

  • Using Quenza’s live results tracking, you can collect client responses to assessments, exercises, feedback surveys, quizzes, and forms
  • On its HIPAA-compliant platform, all results and responses are stored privately and securely
  • Real-time results help you offer timely and relevant feedback to shape positive behavior more effectively

Client communication

  • Quenza Chat helps you keep in touch with coachees between appointments, so you can answer questions, give timely feedback, or offer advice
  • You can send email reminders or in-app notifications to prompt behavior and drive progress

Grow your coaching business

  • Using Quenza’s Activity and Pathway Builders, you can share feedback forms to improve your service
  • Custom content design tools allow you to create and share promotional resources based on clients’ interests
  • An online coaching platform helps you reach global clients and potential customers in remote locations

Promotes client engagement

  • With interactive, personalized solutions, live tracking, and timely communication, solutions can be modified to suit client progress and capabilities or changed needs

Smoother client experience

  • A coaching application like Quenza gives your clients a secure, centralized interface for all their learning and development
  • Clients can download resources as PDFs for learning on the go.

What is the Best Coaching Application? 8 Things To Look For

At the end of the day, the capabilities you need from a coaching app will come down to how you deliver value and build a strong rapport with your clients.

Realizing the practical benefits of a coaching application comes down, as we’ve seen, to the tools and features it offers.

While we’ve used Quenza’s e-coaching toolkit to illustrate a whole range of potential advantages, these can all be achieved with a few simple functions.

If your goal is to enhance your clients’ goal achievement by maximizing the positive impact of your professional solutions, it’s a good idea to look for a coaching application with:

  1. Custom content design tools
  2. Pathway or program building capabilities
  3. White label features
  4. Multimedia support
  5. Real-time results tracking
  6. A dedicated coaching portal for your clients
  7. A HIPAA compliant platform, and
  8. Live in-app chat.

With Quenza, you can automate your clients’ coaching programs, monitor their progress, and optimize their results by augmenting your specialist skills. Whether you’re starting from scratch or digitalizing your current coaching solutions, it offers a simple-to-use interface that saves you time and enhances your impact.

Quenza HIPAA Coaching Application
HIPAA-compliant coaching applications like Quenza (pictured) give you a secure centralized platform for client forms, assessment responses, chat logs, and other business documentation.

While separate spreadsheets, digital templates, documentation software, and invoicing solutions can all help you run your practice more efficiently, specially designed coaching solutions like Quenza help you consolidate all your back-end tasks into one convenient hub.

They also give you the freedom to share personal, specialty-specific and completely unique coaching solutions of your very own. In this illustrated guide, we’ll show you how.

How To Use Quenza: Guide For Coaches

Creating and sharing professional solutions using Quenza is brilliantly quick and simple compared to crafting bespoke documents by hand.

With customizable, user-friendly online tools for all the resource and program design stages of your daily workflow, you can build anything from homework and assessments to video coaching solutions, e-courses, and group journeys from scratch.

You’ll find everything you need in your drag-and-drop Activity Builder, which gives you blank templates and pre-formatted elements such as short-answer fields, check boxes, drop down menus, and sliding scales to work with:

Quenza Activity Builder Coaching Application
Quenza’s drag-and-drop Activity Building tools help you craft professional resources for immediate sharing with clients.

Simply drag the fields you’d like to include into your blank, saved Activity Builder template to develop homework, quizzes, client forms, surveys, meditations, lessons, and more.

You can share these instantly to your coachees’ Client Portal, where they can interact with your content anytime, anywhere.

Quenza also gives you the freedom to design coaching journeys from your Activities, with a purpose-built Pathways tool for programs, e-courses, and full development solutions:

Pathways Quenza Coaching Application
Order your unique Activities as steps with Quenza’s Pathways tool to share bespoke, automated courses and programs with clients.

Your Pathways tool allows you to design and deliver structured, pre-scheduled programs for group coaching, or you can deliver a personalized growth journey for individual clients. You might digitalize your onboarding, as we’ve done above, or collect feedback by inserting satisfaction surveys at the end of a client’s program.

Whenever your clients complete activities, you’ll be notified in real-time in your Quenza Dashboard.

If you want to check in with them or motivate them along the way, you’ll be able to reach them directly through Quenza’s live chat:

Quenza Chat Coaching Application
Stay in the loop with clients using real-time Quenza Chat, a HIPAA-compliant way to give feedback or answer questions via instant message.

With Quenza Chat, all your correspondence is secured using AES-256 encryption. Not only will you be protecting your client’s privacy, but you’ll be secure knowing that all your shared files are stored on a HIPAA-compliant platform.

If you’re ready to get started right away, this next section shows how you can reduce your prep time even further using pre-made, professional templates from Quenza’s Expansion Library.

10 Amazing Features & Tools in Quenza

No online solution is capable of replacing your expertise or experience, but Quenza’s easy-to-use features and tools are specially developed to help you enhance your impact.

By arming you with the functionality to build your own content and personalize your development journeys, these solutions can go a long way to improving your client’s results.

5 Features for Coaches

If you’re eager to take your practice online, some of the great features that you’ll want to know about beforehand include Quenza’s:

  1. White Label Feature – which helps you distinguish your coaching resources by uploading your professional logo onto worksheets, activities, and lessons
  2. Multilingual Client App – that you can use to change the language of your client’s private portal
  3. Custom Brand Colours – a beautiful way to customize your user interface
  4. Quenza Chat – a quick, private, and secure way to stay in touch with coachees between sessions, and
  5. PDF downloads – which allow you and your clients to save and print any of your resources for offline use.

We are always developing fresh features to simplify your coaching workflows and open up more creative possibilities, so check our Quenza News and Updates to learn about the newest ways that you can maximize your professional impact.

5 Tools for Coaches

Quenza’s Expansion Library is jam-packed with versatile tools for coaches, including ready-to-send Activities and pre-crafted Pathways for you to customize.

You can send some of these life coaching tools with a few quick tweaks or use them as inspiration for your own programs and solutions:

  1. Learning to Say “No”: This life coaching lesson facilitates value-congruent behavior by highlighting the positives of saying “No,” as well as showing clients a few ways to do so
  2. Connecting to Your Intuition: An exercise that builds coachee’s awareness of their intuition, and helps them trust in it when making life decisions
  3. Realizing Long-Lasting Change By Setting Process Goals: A tool for life coaching that helps clients create a habit plan to promote goal achievement
  4. The Top 5 Values: An exercise that can increase coachees’ awareness of their most meaningful personal values, and those that need the most attention for a sense of fulfillment, and
  5. Diaphragmatic Breathing (Belly Breathing): This meditation guides clients through the formal breathing practice of deep breathing to help them relax physically throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Relying on standalone tools to optimize your coaching workflow can quickly backfire. It doesn’t just complicate your admin, but it very often costs you more in subscriptions and memberships than a single, centralized platform.

Choosing an all-in-one, purpose-built coaching application, instead, can make you more effective and efficient, while simplifying your clients’ growth journeys for more promising outcomes. If you’re in the e-coaching game to help others and grow your business, make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job.

We hope our guide was helpful. To build and share digital coaching solutions of your own, don’t forget to start your 1 dollar trial of Quenza’s coaching app.

Quenza’s online toolkit will help you deliver engaging development journeys seamlessly, while giving you all the easy-to-use coaching tools you need to manage your business efficiently from any connected device.

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