Reviewing The Delenta Coaching App: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Delenta Coaching Software Review

Finding the right software to simplify your day-to-day coaching tasks can be hard. Your coaching practice and needs are unique, so the tools that help your peers organize and scale up may be totally wrong for you!

We’ve reviewed the Delenta coaching platform in this article, so you can make an informed decision about whether it suits your coaching needs.

Features of Delenta Coaching Software

Delenta is an integrated coaching management platform designed to help coaches run a more profitable business.

It offers marketing, invoicing, and client relationship management tools, among others, plus a client-facing portal and convenient smartphone apps.

Before we go any further, let’s look at the features and capabilities that are available with Delenta’s Premium subscription—we’ve summarized these in the table below.




Practice Management
Appointment SchedulingSet your availabilities and let clients request sessions with you. Color-coded appointments by status, and syncs with Google Calendar.
Billing & InvoicingNo direct billing functions, but tracks client costs and integrates with Stripe and Paypal for payment processing.
Insurance Claims Management
Note-taking and Document ManagementCreate basic Coach Notes and store them in client profiles. No templates.
Multiple ProvidersTeam plans available, pricing on request.
Practice Management ReportsPayment reports including Coaching Packages Performance, Free vs Paid Session Trend, and Free vs Paid Session Data Table.
Inventory Management
Mental Healthcare
Client PortalOnline booking/appointment requests, private instant messaging, file-sharing, tasks/To Dos, contracts, and an overview of purchases.
Custom Forms

16 Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are the pros and cons of Delenta, based on our test drive and the reviews of other users.



Practice Management

  • Customizable, simple-to-build coach landing page
  • Multiple team and practitioner plans available
  • Mobile Android and iOS apps
  • Basic course design and creation tools
  • Many integrations with email marketing software, online calendars, and Zapier
  • Self-scheduling and appointment requests for clients
  • Convenient range of basic coaching management tools e.g., scheduling, messaging, file-sharing
  • Limited practice management reports 
  • Glitches with smartphone apps (e.g., syncing smartphone and web app calendars)
  • Missing features on smartphone apps (e.g., messaging feature still in development)
  • No activity building tools
  • Limited course creation features
  • Glitches with automated client reminders

User Experience

  • Quick to set up and use
  • Easy interface to navigate (new coach friendly)
  • Fast, responsive customer service team

Target Audience and Pricing

Delenta is very much aimed at coaches, with various packages for solo practitioners and teams.

The platform offers four pricing tiers:

  • Starter: $19+/month per user
  • Pro: $39+/month per user
  • Premium: $59+/month per user
  • Teams: Available on request

The main differences between tiers are the number of prospect and client portals that you can have as a user, file sharing and storage capacity, the customizability/brandability of the platform, and access to features such as group coaching and digital online courses.

It is worth noting that Delenta’s mobile app is only available for Pro plan users and higher.

Delenta vs. Alternatives

Wondering what features and tools you can expect to find in Delenta compared to other platforms?

We’ve reviewed three top coaching apps to help you in the table below.

delenta logo small orange blue whiteCoachAccountable logo green black white smallQuenza vs Delenta review


  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Web
  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone

Customer Service

  • Email
  • Webinars
  • Articles
  • Live Training Sessions, Q&A
  • Podcast
  • Phone
  • Tutorials
  • Articles
  • Online customer service
  • Tutorials
  • Community Forum
  • Articles
  • Mobile app
  • Online customer service




  • PayPal
  • Zoom
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Calendar
  • Stripe
  • MS Outlook
  • PayPal
  • Zoom
  • Stripe
  • Zapier
  • Google Calendar
  • Square
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Zapier

A Look At The Delenta App

We tested Delenta’s Premium account for our free trial, as a solo coach offering group and one-on-one programs.

Coaching Management

When we first logged into our Delenta Dashboard, we liked the simplicity and convenience of the layout from the very start; the left-hand menu contains various sections for different coaching management tasks:

  • Money: An overview of how much you have earned, income from coaching packages, number of clients, and other key performance stats.
  • Packages: Where you can build one-on-one and group coaching packages to offer to clients (both paid and free)
  • Calendar: An overview of all your upcoming and completed coaching sessions, color-coded sessions for different appointment status, e.g., pending sessions, accepted sessions, or available slots
  • Courses: A feature that allows you to build basic online courses by uploading existing content and resources to the platform
  • Sessions: Delenta’s appointment scheduling feature for booking Zoom meetings, group coaching appointments, and more
  • Contacts: A CRM tool for bulk importing or inviting clients to Delenta, creating coaching notes, assigning Tasks, and other key CRM functions.

Because these were straightforward enough to navigate, we had no trouble inviting several dummy clients and creating a few free life coaching packages for them to sign up to.

When inviting clients to Delenta, they are sent an email invitation to a portal with everything they need to subscribe to your packages and interact with you via direct message:

Screenshot of Client portal invitation in DelentaInviting clients to access a dedicated Delenta portal where they can chat with you, sign up for courses, track their progress and payments, and more.

Rather than sending email reminders, the software helps you save time by sending automatic notifications to clients about upcoming sessions.

Based on your listed availibilities, clients can request to book free discovery sessions through the in-app calendar. In their portal, which can also be accessed through Delenta’s iOS and Android apps, they can also view your chat messages, any tasks you have assigned them, or resources such as PDFs, video, or audio that you’ve shared through the platform.

screenshot of delenta client portal
A client’s view of their coaching portal, where they can request and manage their coaching sessions.  

We also tested the Delenta Android app, which was clean and easy enough to navigate at first glance.

While we found it a convenient way to view our client profiles, create coaching notes, send tasks, add new clients, and receive reminders about upcoming sessions, the Android app seems to have relatively limited functionality in comparison to other coaching apps we’ve reviewed.

We did try to add numerous sessions to our coaching calendar using the Sessions tab, but they failed to update in Delenta’s web app calendar.

screenshot of delenta app dashboard and notifications pages
Using Delenta’s Android smartphone app, you can view your clients, add sessions, and view your new potential leads.


Delenta also offers some tools for creating coaching courses, although it lacks the full customizability of apps such as Quenza and CoachAccountable in this respect.

While it’s not possible to create worksheets from templates or interactive exercises through the web app, the platform allows you to upload your own resources such as PDFs, and add images, descriptions, sections, and structure to your program.

screengrab of custom life Coaching Course in Delenta
Coaches can upload content and resources to create courses in Delenta.

We created a basic coaching program very quickly with the platform and it was soon published to our landing page where clients could enroll in it with a few clicks.

From a practitioner’s perspective, however, we felt Delenta could be improved with the addition of tools and templates for coaches to create valuable program content.

Other features that we found useful included coaching notes, which could be organized by client profile, and the resources feature that allowed us to upload and share important files with clients to support their sessions.

5 Customer Reviews

Now let’s see what other Delenta users think of the platform!

Based on reviews, coaches seemed to appreciate how the platform’s many coaching management tools helped them simplify day-to-day admin tasks:

“Some of the features that I use on a daily basis are the template-based landing page for lead capturing, availability calendar feature with the ability to create appointments, document sharing, CRM with notes, tasks, coach package creation.” —Trustpilot

Delenta’s customer support team was also highly rated by many coaches using the platform:

“Fantastic team, really supportive and great to work with. They’ve taken on feedback and ideas and as a result have developed a great product that meets the needs of their clients.” — Getapp

Some coaches, however, felt the client coaching portal could be more user-friendly:

“That is the biggest complaint I get from clients (really, the only complaint) – that they try to schedule an appt. With me on their phone and it’s not intuitive and pretty clunky.” — Getapp

In general, users appreciated the ability to integrate Delenta with other software solutions:

“I was using Google Docs to build and maintain customer notes and documents The transition to Delenta helped me elevate the customer experience. The integration with ZOOM and the reminders sent to the client has reduced no-shows to my coaching sessions. Using only one app for notes and tasks is convenient.”  Capterra

Finally, the ability to centralize and streamline coaching management tasks was one of the most commented-on advantages of Delenta:

“Easy to set up and easy to learn. A full entering solution for coaches looking to market themselves and deliver their services to clients.”  Capterra

Final Thoughts

If you’re a newcomer to online coaching and trying to streamline your various processes, it’s hard to go wrong with Delenta’s basic but easy-to-use suite of tools.

From appointment scheduling and financial reports to a simple landing page builder and many integrations with other existing platforms, there’s a lot that can be accomplished with the software.

For coaches that want to deliver unique, personalized tools, and packages at scale, however, we feel the platform lacks important content creation tools and could use more capabilities when it comes to building programs. Why not try out Quenza’s 30-day trial for $1 and see how you feel it compares?

About the author

Seph Fontane Pennock is a serial entrepreneur in the mental health space and one of the co-founders of Quenza. His mission is to solve the most important problems that practitioners are facing in the changing landscape of therapy and coaching now that the world is turning more and more digital.

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