Best Financial Coaching Tools and Software For Your Sessions

Financial Coaching Tools

Financial coaching can be personally important to a client, and can have a transformative positive impact on their lives when it’s successful.

It’s why a personalized approach is critical if you’re in the business of helping others achieve their financial goals, as there’s no cookie-cutter solution for every coachee. If you’re a financial coach or looking to become one, this article introduces a wealth of useful coaching tools that can help you be even more effective.

What is Financial Coaching & How Does It Work

Just like business, executive, health, or life coaching, financial coaching is a professional solution that aims to help clients achieve their goals.

A financial coach is typically a coaching expert that generally also has specialist knowledge and experience on matters such as financial planning, goal-setting, budgeting, and strategy.

Working either one-on-one with clients – or with groups in some instances – the role of a coach is to help clients:[1][2]

  • Define, set, and achieve their goals
  • Address financial challenges
  • Act in goal-oriented ways
  • Make better financial decisions
  • Analyze and understand their behaviors
  • Improve their circumstances, and
  • Help them develop more adaptive financial skills.

Unlike financial advisors, coaches don’t typically assist clients in creating investment plans or financial strategies. Rather, their role is to consider the mindsets, actions, and objectives of their coachees to help them align their behaviors with their financial goals.

6 Tools, Forms, and Resources For Your Session

If you’re already a well-established financial coach, additional worksheets, tools, and resources are vital to keeping your material fresh and relevant.

Below we suggest templates you can adapt to level up the way you run your business, if you’re already coaching clients and looking for more resources.

Financial Coaching Forms

Customizing these coaching forms with your custom text, images, sections, and client tags is the best way to create personalized documents that promote your practice.

Financial Coaching Tools Quenza
Quenza’s Client Agreement helps you establish the terms and conditions of your financial coaching relationship.

If you’re pressed for time, however, professional Quenza Expansions like these can be shared instantly to your client’s coaching portal.

  1. Coaching Client Agreement: An official agreement laying out the terms of and expectations for your coaching relationship
  2. Self Contract: A document that invites clients to commit to their coaching goals
  3. Pre-Coaching Questionnaire: This general questionnaire asks clients to consider their key coaching goals.

Tools for Financial Coaching

Easy-to-use tools like the following can also be used at various stages throughout your coaching programs or packages:

  1. Realizing Long-Lasting Change by Setting Process Goals: With this exercise, your clients can explore different ways to build habits that help them realize their financial goals.
  2. Session Notes for Clients: This versatile document provides your coachees with their own note-taking template for recording session notes.
  3. Consulting the Future Self When Making Choices: A great tool for helping clients consider their financial decisions with the future in mind.

5 Benefits of Using Online Tools

Coaches have shared worksheets, quizzes, and contracts in hard-copy form for decades, so why make the switch to online coaching tools?

Sharing tools with your clients digitally isn’t just easy, it’s also far more efficient and organized than relying on paper-based session materials.

Whether you’re sending coaching agreements, exercises, contracts, or feedback forms, here are a few reasons to do so with a dedicated, purpose-built coaching management platform like Quenza:

  1. Convenience: Both you and your clients can access online tools from any connected device, anywhere. It’s a brilliantly effective way to encourage better progress and engagement.
  2. Security: Digital coaching platforms like Quenza securely encrypt your clients’ data, keeping all their responses and information private in accordance with HIPAA regulations.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: You can send digital resources to every member of a large coaching group, for example, without the cost of printing, paper, and postage.
  4. Efficiency: Feedback and results from online coaching tools can be collected as soon as your clients have completed your resources, saving you the hassle of emailing back and forth.
  5. Centralization: Coaching software can automatically organize all your client results within one central location. With Quenza, for instance, it’s easy to retrieve your clients’ latest documents from their coaching profiles.
Quenza Results Financial Coaching
Coaching software like Quenza can automatically collect your clients’ results from online financial coaching tools so that you can monitor their progress and engagement in real-time.

Best App and Software For Financial Coaches

These days, there is an abundance of financial coaching tools, templates, and software available that’s wonderfully designed to help you manage your business.

Relying on standalone tools only gets you so far as a professional – eventually, you’ll need a sustainable, efficient way to create and deliver your resources, while staying on top of your programs and packages.

Hands down the easiest, most effective way to build, personalize, and share your materials as a coach is to use a specialized, flexible toolkit like Quenza that’s built for the job. If you’re keen to design your own financial coaching tools, deliver your solutions in real-time, track progress live, and keep in touch with your clients conveniently through one centralized platform, Quenza is an easy-to-use, powerful toolkit for your practice.

5 Worksheets and Tools Included In Quenza

If you’re already a well-established online coach, additional worksheets, tools, and resources are vital to keeping your material fresh and relevant.

One of the best ways to achieve that goal professionally is by designing and building your own financial coaching resources.

Crafting a Coaching Agreement

With Quenza, it’s easy to create your own session materials to coach others with completely unique resources.

You can start crafting your own, practice-branded agreements, worksheets, activities, exercises, and more in just a few steps using your in-app Activity Builder:

Quenza Financial Coaching Online Activity
Quenza’s drag-and-drop Activity Builder helps you craft personalized financial coaching tools from blank templates.

Simply open, title, and save a new Activity template to start adding your own fields like questions, text boxes, drop-down menus, and more as shown above.

Your Activity Builder is an efficient, effective way to build coaching agreements, contracts, and other practice forms, all of which can be saved as templates in Quenza for your future use.

For some help designing your own coaching agreement, take a look at our samples, templates, and walkthrough: Crafting a Coaching Agreement: 7 Samples & Templates.

5 Intake Forms, Questionnaires, and Questions

If you’re creating your financial coaching forms, questionnaires, and surveys, Quenza’s Expansion Library contains many more useful samples that you can use as inspiration.

Or, simply send them as they are if you’re already happy with them!

  1. The Coach Evaluation Form is a fantastic way to collect client feedback on your services, approach, programs, or courses
  2. This Goal Visualization exercise is a mental imagery activity that clients can use to plan, problem-solve, and find solutions at any stage in your programs
  3. Quenza’s Session Rating Scale can very easily be adapted into a feedback form after your coaching sessions
  4. The Top 5 Values exercise is an engaging way for coachees to explore their values, and
  5. Finding Your Ikigai is a great tool for clients who are exploring new financial or career possibilities.

4 Tips For Group Financial Coaching

Financial coaching can easily be delivered to groups, but group coaching does involve a few extra considerations.

Whether you’re delivering your solutions as solution-focused packages or working with a group on an ongoing basis, here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Get organized – establish who your participants are and create a dedicated group for your program using Quenza’s group coaching feature.
  2. Group dynamics can be hard to anticipate, especially with new groups of multiple participants. If you’re running workshops or classes, it’s vital to plan each coaching session in advance.
  3. With multiple coachees, there’s a high chance that your clients will want at least some of your programs to be self-paced. Consider delivering your group programs as blended learning solutions.
  4. Experiment with your self-delivered programs, which enable you to drip feed custom content to all of your clients on a schedule. This guide shows you How To Create An Online Course With Quenza.

Training in Financial Coaching: 3 Certifications

Accreditation is not strictly necessary in the unregulated financial coaching industry, but getting certified can be a hugely advantageous way to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

3 Programs and Courses To Consider

If your goal is to become a certified coaching professional, here are three programs worth considering:

  1. Coach U Core Essentials Program: The Coach U Core Essentials Program is an ICF-approved Accredited Coach Training Program track (ACTP) that gives you 77 hours of training. With project labs, practical experience, and Zoom-based learning, you can learn core coaching skills to get your financial coaching business off to a strong start.
  2. Coach Training Alliance (CTA) Certified Coach Program: This CTA pathway, also approved by the ICF, combines live teleconferencing and interactive software with online media in a six-month program.
  3. World Coach Institute: With the WCI, you can start at a foundational level to pursue a coaching certification via teleclasses. This ICF-approved training provider offers self-paced options, too.

Final Thoughts

Professionally delivered financial coaching can be an incredibly empowering way for your clients to achieve their long-term goals.

So if you think you’ve got the knowledge and experience to help others make better financial decisions, then all you need are the right tools! Why not start Quenza’s 1-month trial to share your own financial coaching tools with clients?

Our $1 trial will give you unlimited access to all of Quenza’s unique e-coaching features and tools instantly, so that so you can deliver impactful, engaging solutions that help your clients achieve their goals even more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a financial coach not allowed to do?

A financial coach is not allowed to provide investment advice or sell financial products. They can offer guidance on financial planning and education, but they cannot legally give investment advice or sell products like insurance or securities.

What makes a good financial coach?

A good financial coach should have proper qualifications, such as certification or accreditation, and experience in the financial industry. They should also be able to provide personalized guidance, tailored to your individual financial situation and goals. Good communication and listening skills are also essential.

What is the difference between a financial advisor and a financial coach?

A financial advisor is typically licensed and can provide investment advice and sell financial products. They often focus on managing investments and helping clients grow their wealth. A financial coach, on the other hand, offers guidance on financial planning and education, such as creating a budget, managing debt, and setting financial goals. They do not provide investment advice or sell financial products.


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