4 Best Life Coaching Apps & Software Reviewed [2022]

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Whatever type of coaching or techniques you use as a life coach, one thing is guaranteed: you need effective digital tools to succeed in today’s coaching environment.

Most experienced coaches know a good life coach app makes it much, much easier for you to create value, because it will give you exactly what you need to design, align, and deliver your solutions. If you’re not yet sure what software is right for you, we’ve reviewed the apps for life coaches in this article.

How Life Coaching Apps Improve Your Practice

If you’re hoping to help your coaching clients virtually, apps can be an important way to ensure your professional services have their full, intended impact in a virtual context.

Put simply, coaching apps are designed to act as handy, convenient, and powerful toolkits for delivering your life coaching exercises and programs online.

They can help you in a few ways, not least because they enable development journeys that are:

  • Location-independent, so your clients can learn from anywhere
  • Cost-effective, as life coach tools can save you valuable administration time, and
  • Secure – with a professional life coach app, your platform will encrypt and privately store confidential information that you or your clients share.
Quenza Life Coaching App for clients
Coach apps like Quenza (pictured) help you design engaging, interactive digital solutions based on your clients’ needs and goals.

In addition to this, life coaching apps can contain specific features to help you with some of the most significant aspects of your work: building accountability, buy-in, and a client’s commitment to a program.

For example, you might go over your client’s current obstacles and setbacks with them during a session. Together, you might explore solutions for how to overcome hurdles, and make and implement plans to help them reach their goals.

After that session comes ends, however, it’s not unusual for a client to struggle to keep up with their commitments.

At a bare minimum, apps can help greatly with this problem by enabling you to:

  • Engage and motivate clients
  • Offer feedback and
  • Send reminders even while you’re apart.

How Do They Simplify Your Day To Day Work?

There are many ways that a specially-designed coaching app can help you above and beyond managing your practice.

With the right app, for example, you can deliver bespoke, personalized life coaching programs digitally by:

  • Creating tailor-made interventions, lessons, and exercises, to deliver more meaningful, relevant solutions
  • Curating coaching pathways to include the most effective, needs-aligned resources for your client’s development
  • Providing engaging, automated development experiences by scheduling your content according to an ideal schedule
  • Keeping track of client progress with private, secure, real-time results tracking, and
  • Enhancing your efficiency by creating digital versions of your most commonly used templates, forms, pathways, and activities.

So what features help you accomplish these goals, specifically?

Features To Look For In Your App

Here’s a handy list of basic features you probably want your software to offer:

  1. Communication: you should be able to quickly and easily communicate with your clients through your software, whether via instant messaging or email.
  2. Invoicing and billing: some platforms can handle creating custom invoices and sending them to your clients.
  3. Data collection: you should be able to collect data from your clients, whether that’s data on program compliance or feedback from your client.
  4. Content and resource sharing: you should be able to conveniently share resources, information, and helpful handouts with your clients at the click of a button.
  5. Client profiles: the software should make it easy to create client profiles, view your clients and add relevant information.
  6. Exporting: whatever data you collect, resources you share, or notes you take, you should be able to quickly and easily export that information, whether that’s in the form of a PDF, a spreadsheet, or an image.

This list is a good start, but it’s certainly not exhaustive.

Quenza life coaching results displayed on dashboard
Client responses, data, and results are all automatically captured with Quenza’s life coaching platform, so you can stay on top of your coachees’ progress throughout your programs.

You may want more, less, or something a little different; that’s because the single best option for you will depend on your practice and the features and tools that will best serve you.

4 Best Software Systems for Life Coaches

To help you choose, we’ve reviewed some of the best life coaching platforms available in 2022.

Here are our five top picks:


Quenza Life Coaching AppsWith an intuitive, powerful Activity builder for life coaches and other professionals, Quenza makes it quick and painless to create entire coaching sequences online for sharing with clients. HIPAA-compliant, private, and secure, the platform offers drag-and-drop custom form tools for designing assessments, between-session homework, and more.

Features include:

  • Unique Activity builder feature for creating coaching exercises and resources
  • Unique Pathway builder tools for curating your resources into programs and packages
  • Customizable coaching forms, activities, and session planner templates
  • GDPR and HIPAA-compliant practitioner and client portals
  • Group coaching features
  • Organizations feature for coaching teams and large practices
PriceStarts at $1+ monthly
Good ForLife Coaching Apps, Coaching Management, Online Coaching, Client Engagement
More infoQuenza
power diary smartphone app logoPower Diary is a more lightweight but still widely-used life coaching app that’s perfect for both small and large practices. Similar to other software, it offers a complete setup for managing bookings, appointments, invoicing, and more. It also has a two-way text feature for chats to engage with clients outside of their sessions.

Features include:

  • Appointment scheduling tools
  • Invoicing and billing features
  • Instant messaging
  • Customizable forms
  • Client portal
NamePower Diary
PriceStarts at $5+ weekly
Good forCoaching Management, Coaching CRM, Therapy Apps
More InfoPower Diary



CoachAccountable app logo Holding clients accountable, and utilizing systems that make preparation easier can help life coaches both expand their business and make a greater client impact. With CoachAccountable, solo practices and coaching groups get a mobile-friendly platform that performs a range of coaching management functions, plus various coaching tasks.

Capabilities include:

  • Data tracking and metrics
  • Setup automated workflows
  • Manage files and other media
  • Schedule clients
  • Manage payments and subscriptions
PriceStarts at $20+ USD monthly
Good ForCoaching Management, Business Coaching Software
More InfoCoach Accountable



Coaching.com logo purple square white backgroundCoaching.com is a good option for life coaches specializing in any niche. The app includes a range of practice and coaching management tools designed to automate day-to-day tasks such as program design, client tracking, scheduling, billing, and more.

Features include:

  • Client messaging
  • Coaching agreement templates
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Session notes
  • Invoicing and payment processing (integrations)
Good ForCoaching Management
More InfoCoaching.com

How to Automate Your Client Engagement

Coaching software is not a one-size-fits-all product, but it is something every coach should be using.


Because it’s either difficult or virtually impossible to deliver engaging, successful coaching journeys without a good software product to help you, especially when you start working with a full roster of clients.

If you’re already familiar with the many unbillable hours involved in personalizing life coaching exercises, sending PDFs, and following up manually via email, software will definitely help you automate virtually all of that legwork.

In the next section, we’ve used Quenza to show you how!

Virtual Coaching Made Easy: Step-by-Step Guide

Using a few user-friendly, highly flexible Quenza functions, you can craft everything you need to support and motivate your clients while simplifying your workflow at the same time.

These tools, which you can try out using the $1 software trial, also allow you to control when and how various activities are shared, so you can personally curate – and even automate – each client’s development journeys for maximum learning in less time.

For example, you have a suite of drag-and-drop tools for building beautiful, effective resources from scratch:

Quenza Life Coaching Apps
To create resources such as worksheets, assessments, and exercises from scratch, Quenza’s simple-to-use Activity Builder features drag-and-drop tools for bespoke resource design.

In this screenshot, we’re sharing a few instructions with a custom mp3, but it’s also easy to create your own bespoke solutions from text boxes, drop-down menus, numeric scales, and more.

You can also adapt ready-to-go templates from Quenza’s Expansion library, as shown here:

Quenza Expansion library screenshot
Quenza’s free in-app Expansion Library is your go-to suite of pre-designed life coaching activity templates, all ready to send or adapt.

Customizing popular life coaching templates (e.g. activities, exercises, lessons, metaphors, meditations, intake forms, evaluations, and assessments) is not only much faster than manual resource prep, but you can also share your coaching resources directly through the platform.

You can also organize your various Activities into complete Pathways to encompass whole development journeys as shown, and drip-feed them to clients:

Example life coaching pathways in Quenza
Some life coaching apps, like Quenza, can help you organize your life coaching exercises into bespoke programs and deliver them to clients automatically.

You can also pre-schedule reminders and notifications for your clients, to improve their progress and results!

Top CRM Features For Your Application

It’s important to know that you won’t necessarily get these from an app that’s more focused on coaching (practice) management.

While note-taking, payment processing, and other tools are good to have, here’s what will ultimately help you create more readiness, buy-in, and long-term engagement:

  • A free client app – so coachees can receive your exercises conveniently, anywhere
  • Automatic notifications and reminders – to prompt clients about overdue activities
  • Instant messaging – so you can “be there” for clients between sessions, and most importantly…
  • Bespoke activity and pathway design tools – so you can build truly personalized, effective lessons at scale.

Note: scalability is particularly important. As your life coaching practice grows, you want your software to grow along with you!

How To Use Online Platforms For Life Coaching

Now that you know how software can help you, here are some ideas for your online coaching!

The following is a list of life coaching solutions that you can create using Quenza, plus Expansions (free templates in the app) to use for inspiration:

Quenza Three Minute Breathing Space Expansion preview for clients
Quenza’s Three Minute Breathing Space is a customizable life coaching Expansion template that you can use as inspiration or customize and share with clients.
  1. Guided meditations: try creating your own versions of Quenza’s Three Minute Breathing Space Expansion, pictured above, or The Observer Meditation Expansion,
  2. Interactive lessons: check out our helpful guide to using your coaching app as online learning software
  3. Metaphors: Quenza’s Pushing The Ball Under Water Expansion is a good example
  4. Journals: With Pathway tools, you can create a gratitude journal, habit tracker, or mood diary and send it to your clients on autopilot
  5. Reflections: e.g. Quenza’s Strengths in Significant Moments Expansion, or the Value Tattoo reflection Expansion, and
  6. Frameworks: like the Wheel of Life coaching tool, which you can craft from scratch using Quenza’s unique Wheel of Life feature.

If you’d like to simplify your day-to-day tasks, you might also consider building a few useful coaching management templates, such as:

  1. Coaching Evaluations: Modifying Quenza’s Coach Evaluation Form Expansion is a good idea
  2. Agreements: Use Quenza’s Coaching Client Agreement Expansion for inspiration, or
  3. Initial and Progress Assessments: Such as Quenza’s Outcome Rating Scale template or the Life Domain Satisfaction Expansion pictured below.
Quenza Life Domain Satisfaction Expansion preview
Quenza’s Life Domain Satisfaction tool is a self-report coaching questionnaire that measures clients’ self-awareness about their current satisfaction life levels.

Final Thoughts

Coach apps can be geared toward specific niches, such as health or business coaching, or they may add value to your business by simplifying specific workflow elements.

But if your goal is to grow as a life coaching practitioner in your own right while sharing more impactful, client-centered coaching solutions, you’ll want a fully customizable, easy-to-use toolkit that suits your style and business. Use this guide to help you choose and get started right away with your $1 Quenza trial

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