The 9 Best Mental Health Software Tools for Coaches

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Coaches have a lot on their plates. Coordinating schedules, billing clients, follow-up, session notes, and many other day-to-day activities can impede the most important aspect of your job — coaching. Fortunately, there are ways to use mental health software tools to automate these chores.  Are you interested in learning how to make this a reality in your practice? 

If your answer is a resounding, ‘yes!’ then keep reading. You’re about to discover how mental health software systems can make your coaching life much easier. 

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4 Reasons to Use Software Tools for Coaches

When you find and use the right software tools, those pain points mentioned above go away. But before we get into that, let’s get on the same page about why using mental health software in your practice is a good idea.

  1. HIPAA compliance – Although most coaches need not do this, savvy clients are familiar with this language. Engaging a HIPAA-compliant system shows that you take privacy and confidentiality seriously.[1]
  2. Data encryption – Security is hugely important to everyone, and especially to a client who is sharing sensitive information with you.[2]
  3. Automated accounting – Following up on invoices takes you out of coaching mode and puts your mind squarely into business mode. Allowing the system to do this frees up your time and energy. It also reduces the anxiety you feel about collecting money from past due accounts. 
  4. Self-scheduling – Instead of tracking down clients, they’re able to, with a few clicks or taps, make their own appointments with you. 

While many other reasons exist for using some kind of software program, you likely agree that these four are the most important. Many programs can do so much more than that. So, how do you decide what you need and want for your practice?

Variety, Flexibility, and Easy to Use

There are many online software programs available, but not all of them are great. Each offers a variety of different tools and resources to both client and coach, so it’s important to know what you want to offer your clients before making the final decision. Mental health software can include record-keeping, billing and scheduling, journaling, goal tracking, and other flexible features. With this in mind, look for software that is user friendly, meets your needs, and is easy to understand (not just for you!)

It’s also a good idea to pick something that offers a variety of ways to contact potential clients. This can include video calls, messaging services, or phone calls. Having the software compatible across a range of platforms and devices means that both you and the client don’t have to access it only from a desktop. Finally, it’s important to ensure that, although not specifically required as a coach, the software protects your and your client’s data from third parties.

Mental Health Software Coaching Apps

Sometimes connecting with potential clients is a challenge. Fortunately, there are apps that make the process a two-way street. These apps are useful for a few reasons. First, for the time-crunched client, they offer a fast, convenient contact point. Depending on the app, it can be a way for coaches to offer more streamlined services. Often, the apps have a wide range of client services and cover a variety of topics and health issues. As a coach, it can be worth your time joining an app-based program and offering your services. Considering checking into the following.

Thervo has no subscription or commission fees. Coaches, counselors, therapists, and many other professionals can sign up for free. Potential clients receive up to five quotes from service providers. From there, the client makes their choice. For your part, Thervo is a credit-based quote system. You purchase credits that are used to send a quote to potential customers. Each quote costs about 5-10% of the money you earn. This amounts to 2-9 credits per quote. Thervo is strictly a way to build your practice.

Quenza offers infinite possibilities for coaches when it comes to creating assessments, exercises, and other engaging client material. Goal-setting, self-reflection, and assessment quizzes are all quick to create with simple drag-and-drop form builders, with custom fields for free text, multimedia, multiple-choice, rating scale questions, and more. Designed for mental health, executive, business, fitness coaches, and more, practitioners can easily build coaching sequences from scratch, then line up activities to share full programs with clients through a private portal. The software also offers expansions with commonly used rating scales, quizzes, and more, such as strengths assessments and mood assessments.

Remente is available for both personal and business users. As a coach, you can help clients set and reach a variety of goals. The platform offers science-backed courses and goal planning activities, a journal feature, and a daily agenda. To learn about business pricing, you need to schedule a demo.  Creating a business plan gives you access to analytics for your clients. Some courses are, 

  • How to Stop Worrying
  • 7 Steps to a Wonderful Life
  • 9 Weeks to Becoming an Outstanding Leader

These are just two examples – although many more generalized coaching apps or even business coaching apps may offer the functionality you require. One thing to keep in mind is that not all apps use science-backed, peer-reviewed information in the development of their service offerings.

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Best Mental Health Coaching Software Packages

Acuity Mental Health Software Coaches

One of the top software options, particularly if you are a small business, and if you intend to begin health coaching online, is Acuity Scheduling. This software has an easy-to-use interface that offers great user-friendly options enabling clients to check your availability and even book their own appointments, saving you a lot of the hassle of having to organize this aspect of your practice. It has an in-built calendar with notifications of appointments. This can link to mobile apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, and more, making your and your clients’ lives that much easier and more organized.

Acuity software enables you to create branded reminders, confirmations, and follow-ups for any session, which can help you stand out from the crowd in an industry already populated by larger companies. Branding gives you the option to provide a more personalized experience, which resonates more soundly with your clients. Some other features are online payments via various platforms and integration with a variety of other programs. If you’re running a solo or private practice, the free version of the software includes client self-scheduling and unlimited services and appointments.  As your practice grows, there are various price plans available. The more advanced software tools for coaches even offer texting options.

NameAcuity Scheduling
PriceFree – $50/mo USD
Good forScheduling and Subscription Management


Quenza Mental Health Software Coaches

Quenza’s specially-designed activity function is designed for coaches to share worksheets, exercises, quizzes, and learning material with clients online. With drag-and-drop builders and custom fields, building digital material like self-reflection prompts and assessments, mental health coaches can help clients set goals, challenge their perspectives, and motivate them between sessions. 

Measuring progress is also easy with Quenza’s results tracking capabilities, which help online coaches keep on top of clients’ achievements between sessions. An infinitely flexible but easy to use coaching solution that’s packed with tools, the software comes with a $1/month trial period. 




$1+ monthly

Good For

Goal-setting, Client Engagement, Mental Health Coaching



10to8 Mental Health Software Coaches

10to8 is another top coaching software to look into. This is cloud-based software available for both small and large practices. It offers an easily customizable website where clients can schedule appointments, pay for services, events, and manage their own previous bookings without your help. Appointments sync automatically with a range of calendars including Gmail, Outlook, and iCalendar. You and your clients will always know what’s going on. The automated email or text reminders help keep your clients on point.

Offering your services and beginning mental health coaching sessions is easy with the 10to8 software. It offers a direct chat option so you can talk with clients. As the ‘user,’ you have access to client data, can provide questionnaires, write session notes, and customize your dashboard. With features for reporting, it’s possible to track confirmed sessions, check unpaid bills, and give support in multiple languages.  The basic plan which includes branding, two staff logins, SMS, and 100 appointments costs $12 USD paid monthly. The Free Forever plan might meet your needs if you’re just starting out. 

PriceFree – $40/mo USD 
Good forScheduling, Customer Relationship Management, Online billing


Coaching Loft Mental Health Software Coaches

Coaching Loft is a powerful coaching management software solution that helps you to plan your sessions and enables you to maximize your time to accommodate as many clients as possible. It also helps to build rapport with your clients as it enables you to engage with them outside of their coaching sessions through the use of reminders and alerts.

Clients have the power to track their own progress and see if they are meeting goals. This helps to keep them motivated. For $20 USD/month you can work with 10 clients. Coaching Loft offers a 14-day free trial.

NameCoaching Loft
PriceFree – $95/mo USD
Good forPractice and Client Management


Power Diary Mental Health Software Coaches

Power Diary is one of the more widely used care management software options. Similar to other software, it offers a complete setup for managing bookings, appointments, invoicing, and more. It also has a two-way text feature for chats to engage with clients outside of their sessions. Perfect for both small and large practices, many professionals from a range of backgrounds also use this medical software successfully.

Power Diary is a little more costly, but there is a free trial available so you can see if it works for you before jumping in. The pricing plan is per week, starting at $10 USD for one calendar. SMS is an optional feature and costs .11 USD/text sent. 

NamePower Diary
Price$10 – $62/wk USD
Good forPractice and Customer Management


Simple Practice Mental Health Software Coaches

Simple Practice is a great software option for health and wellness practitioners. The software enables you to enjoy a paperless business thus ensuring more efficient workflow and organized system. Centrally stored data provides you with easy access to any notes, bills, invoices, or schedules. SimplePractice software programs comply with HIPAA privacy and security, so both you and your clients can rest easy knowing that your data is safe. This service is mobile-compatible, so you can be out and about and still get things done.

Clients can self-schedule by using the calendar system that syncs with Google Calendar. This means fewer missed appointments. Online payment processing also is convenient and easy to use. Outside of appointments, a client portal and mobile messaging system help you stay connected. If the client can’t make it into a physical location, a video messaging option allows them to engage in their sessions from the comfort of home. The monthly cost is $39 USD.

Price$39 – $59/mo USD
Good forPractice and Customer Management; HIPAA compliant


Yellow Schedule Mental Health Software Coaches

YellowSchedule offers you the chance to give clients customized booking, organize their time, sync their calendars, and more. You can engage with clients outside their sessions by providing alerts and reminders so that clients don’t miss out on an appointment. Not just for use by coaches — it’s a popular part of school-, salon-, hospital-, and e-clinic software setups.

Thanks to its competitive pricing plan – based on the number of staff within the business – it offers a comprehensive service that is an excellent start for those trying to grow their business and attract clients. YellowSchedule is HIPAA compliant.  

Price$29.95 – $99.95/mo USD
Good forScheduling and Customer Management; HIPAA compliant


NextGen Mental Health Software Coaches

Previously known as Meditouch, NextGen Healthcare is a top-quality software that provides a solution to managing electronic medical and session records. The service offers practice and e-clinic management, transcription, and scribe services, so you can easily check recorded sessions. It also provides documentation, exchange, and collaboration options.

Although a very comprehensive option, NextGen Healthcare is expensive. There are different levels available with the software ranging from $50 per user through to full hospital access at as much as $11,000 per month. For any practitioner, this is a serious investment of monetary resources. 

Apart from the high fee, NextGen Healthcare offers a stellar platform from which to work. The interface is simple and straightforward, with a range of customizable options. This is crucial if you’re trying to keep client data organized. A bonus is the flexibility of the software with the option to change the system to meet the needs of individual practitioners and practices. NextGen Healthcare is accessible from a dedicated system or used via mobile devices, making it a highly effective tool when traveling. Free to download, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

NameNextGen Healthcare
PriceContact for pricing
Good forPractice and Customer Management


Schedulista Mental Health Software Coaches

Schedulista offers perhaps the easiest way to manage your clients out of all the options listed. Clients can use it to book directly from your website and it links to social media sites such as Facebook, or via a link in an email or text. As the coach, you can personalize your booking page enabling it to match your website and brand. Besides this, you can sync the bookings to any calendar app so you never miss an appointment (and neither do your clients!) Alternatively, you can embed the schedule into your website.

The software updates you about payments that have processed and charges for missed appointments. It’s easy to send communications to your clients because there are unlimited texts with this option. The ability to integrate with MailChimp for promotional, educational, or update mass emails is a snap. Schedulista also is available for mobile devices so everything can stay organized for you and your clients, who can change a session if they need to do so. At just $19.99 per month for a single user, it’s a great option for small businesses.

Price$19 to $39/mo USD
Good forPractice and Customer Management; Invoicing

Final Thoughts

As online medicine or telehealth takes off, it becomes even more important to keep up with the current trends. Using mental health software tools can help you do that. As you’ve just discovered, there are a variety of software tools for coaches. One of them is bound to fit your needs.

Because of high levels of work, long hours, or remote locations, more and more people are turning online for their mental health needs. As coaching moves towards helping these people, it’s important to be accessible. And what better way than by using some of these software options?

Choose carefully though, as the option you pick will need to meet the needs of you as a coach, but also those of your clientele. Most offer excellent management capabilities, but for those online video sessions, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve got software that handles that too.

Now that you know how to deliver more impactful coaching experiences online, don’t forget to implement what you’ve learned with your $1 trial of Quenza. Our specialized mental health coaching software will give you all the tools required to bring your coachees even better results so they can take charge of their mental health.


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