MyClientsPlus: A Software Review

MyClientsPlus review

Scaling up a mental health practice, or a coaching business means helping more clients enjoy a better quality of life and more positive outcomes. It’s what drives most professionals, as they engage client to work together on their wellness journeys.

With many practitioners now turning to mental health software for help, the blended care market is full of potential therapy software solutions. In this article, we test-drive MyClientsPlus, a platform that promises to help you manage your practice and free you up to focus on your healthcare goals.

Before you read on, we recommend testing out Quenza’s blended care tools with our 30-day, $1 practitioner trial. Our software is an all-in-one therapy and coaching platform designed exclusively for online practitioners, and will give you everything you need to engage, empower, and better help your clients with professional digital solutions.

Features of MyClientsPlus

Built for smaller practices and individual providers, MyClientsPlus includes a host of practice management and therapy software functions.

These include a wealth of specialty-specific mental healthcare templates for behavioral health specialists, telehealth video conferencing support, and various features catering to subsectors such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy.

The table below gives a little more detail on the features of MyClientsPlus.




Practice Management
Appointment SchedulingSupports client appointment reminders and telehealth sessions, as well as multiple offices and providers.
Billing & InvoicingSupports practice administrative billing, as well as medical billing.

Bulk billing for insurance, individual client invoices, payment tracking, and Client Portal payments are all included.

Insurance Claims ManagementCan be used for electronic primary and secondary insurance billing, claims management, and authorization tracking.
Note-taking and Document ManagementSearchable my client or session date, these are linked to patients’ Electronic Medical Records.
Multiple ProvidersStandard single-practitioner plans and group subscriptions charged per additional provider. Standard plans cater to 4+ practitioners.
Practice Management ReportsCreates reports on clients, sessions, finances, and general practice statistics (e.g. clinician payroll, performance.)
Inventory Management
Mental Healthcare
Client PortalSupports client self-secheduling, online payments, notifications, form completion, telehealth sessions, and more through Jituzu Client Portal software.
Custom FormsTouch-compatible mental health templates available for connected devices, along with 200+ therapy notes templates

19 Advantages and Disadvantages

Though somewhat dated, aesthetically, the MyClientsPlus dashboard reveals its vast functionality – both as a billing tool, and as a patient management solution.

Whether these are suited to your particular needs or not is down to your professional requirements; use the table below to see some pros and cons we identified.



Practice Management

  • Standard plans for solo providers and groups
  • Pricing based on number of users
  • Session notifications and reminders available
  • Good range of reports
  • Support for insurance processing, claims, authorization, etc.
  • When integrated, allows client self-scheduling and online payments
  • Limited functionality for customer relationship management, e.g. email marketing integration, in-app campaigns
  • Calendars don’t sync between MCP and Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.
  • No client import besides Jituzu

Mental Healthcare

  • Client Portal enables patients to fill forms, manage appointments, and attend telehealth sessions
  • Integrated support for video therapy and e-counseling sessions
  • Sector-specific Progress Note templates
  • No comprehensive support for creating treatment plans
User Experience
  • Straightforward menu/dashboard
  • Good Knowledge Base
  • Helpful customer support team
  • No mobile app
  • Requires navigation between different tabs for different functions
  • Rather slow

Target Audience and Pricing

With its healthcare templates and versatile practice management tools, MyClientsPlus caters to the needs of coaches, mental health practitioners, telemedicine practitioners, and more.

Based on our experience and the MCP page, this includes:

MyClientsPlus Pricing

Standard plans for MyClientsPlus begin at $24.95 monthly and pricing is based on the number of practitioners using the system. This growth-based pricing is designed to ensure practices don’t pay for more than what they use.

  • Single Practitioner $24.95 monthly
  • For a 2nd practitioner, this increases by $19.95 monthly
  • $19.95 additional per month for the 3rd provider, and
  • $12.95 for further providers (4+) after that.

MCP also offers an optional electronic billing service for an extra monthly charge, which can be used for insurance purposes or out-of-network client billing.

MyClientsPlus vs Its Competitors (Chart)

A great range of mental healthcare and practice management features, plus ease of use, have earned MyClientsPlus a loyal user base.

But what are its strengths and weaknesses in comparison to other behavioral health systems?

If you’re considering switching to MCP or are shopping between providers, the table below may give you some insight into how it stacks up against other popular telepsychology solutions.




My Clients Plus ReviewQuenza vs MyClientsPlusMyClientsPlus vs SimplePractice
  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone
Customer Service
  • Phone
  • Video Tutorials
  • Articles
  • Online customer service (email)
  • Tutorials
  • Community Forum
  • Articles
  • Mobile app
  • Online customer service
  • Phone
  • Tutorials
  • Articles
  • Mobile app
  • Live customer service




  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook
  • Stripe

Case Study Example

MyClientsPlus offers a free 21-day trial with no credit card information required. Signup only took a few seconds, and we were able to start configuring our practice right away.

So that we could test both its practice management and mental healthcare features, we opted to create a group plan for a multi-provider, multi-location blended care psychology practice.

Practice Management

We found it simple and stress-free to configure MCP’s system, despite the cloud-based platform being a little laggy.

The knowledge bank was clear and straightforward, which meant we had soon set up our:

  • Practice information: Billing address, etc.
  • Billing codes: For different treatments and services rendered.
  • Diagnosis codes: e.g. ICD-10 codes.
  • Insurance companies: For both paper and electronic billing, and
  • Clients: While MyClientsPlus supports calendar import from existing Jituzu accounts, we didn’t find any features for importing clients from a CSV. Here, however, we could add or upload custom notes, and we were also able to track pre-paid sessions.

We then tried scheduling some appointments to test the MyClientsPlus calendar management experience.

Appointment Scheduling

MCP integrates with Jituzu, a different software, for its calendar management functions. As a user, this means your calendar functions take place in another tab rather than using a single, centralized dashboard for all functions.

While creating appointments, we found we could enter new services, as well as new patients. Useful features here also included the ability to enter whether the client had paid, and by how much.

MCP Review Appointment Scheduling

We also appreciated being able to color-code sessions by service type, as well as assigning different colors to different providers for a quick overview of upcoming appointments.

Within MCP’s appointment calendar, it’s also possible to schedule timed reminders for upcoming sessions – these .

MyClientsPlus Review Calendar Management

Scheduling video appointments was also straightforward, and the software sent a reminder to our fictional client on the day of their telehealth session. Conveniently, they could join the session when it began with a single click.

Billing, Insurance, and Reports

Using the software to invoice clients and process insurance claims involved more steps than we anticipated; in order to issue invoices, we had to import our Jituzu appointments into MyClientsPlus, then send it to Billing.

Individual PDF invoices can be downloaded for patients or they can be electronically billed to insurance providers. Throughout it all, MCP provides helpful reminders that make it easy to understand where you went wrong if you’ve missed a step.

MCP Review Billing Screen

Finding it intuitive enough to generate invoices, we moved onto the Reports function, where it was just as easy to view Client Account Activity, Session Activity, and key financial statistics.

MyClientsPlus Review Reports

While some reports were only viewable on-screen, such as our Practice Statistics, others could be downloaded and sent to clients manually via email. With MyClientsPlus, it was easy to generate statistics by custom date ranges, which we found useful.

Mental Healthcare

Progress and Session Notes

Clinical practitioners have access to a library of discipline-specific templates for different industry subsectors; these include templates for:

  • Psychiatry  – e.g. Therapy Intake Forms, Initial Evaluations, and Psychotherapy templates
  • Psychology – including Treatment Plans, Client Contact, and Termination Summary
  • Chiropractic
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Correctional, and
  • General – where templates are provided for SOAP notes and more.

This made it easy for us to enter paperless notes into Clients’ Session Activity and Invoicing information, where they could then be accessed by other providers – a handy feature for streamlining admin in multi-provider practices.

MCP SOAP notes

Like other reviewers before us, we liked that we could sign and lock these notes in the app.

Client Portal and Telehealth Sessions

Among MyClientsPlus’ mental health features, the software offers HIPAA-compliant telehealth sessions. As with the calendar, these are configured and controlled from a separate Jituzu tab.

While setting thisup, we also configured our Client Portal – MCP offers plenty of back-end control over what clients can change and view, such as when they can book appointments. These are editable on a per-patient basis, which we liked, as it gave us more flexibility as practitioners.

MCP Client Portal Controls

It is worth noting that the Client Portal and Telehealth Session features involved quite a few steps to configure, such as specifying Settings within both Jituzu and MyClientsPortal tabs.

We could easily see this being troublesome for users who are new to telehealth software, but on the plus side, it allowed us to create and invite clients to a private portal where they could fill out forms ahead of time, schedule or cancel appointments, and attend telehealth sessions.

One of our key hangups with the MyClientPortal software was its responsiveness – getting from one function to another meant the extra step of heading back to MCP’s main menu first.

While not user-unfriendly, we feel it could be improved on for a faster, more intuitive user workflow.

5 Customer Reviews

Based on a number of positive user reviews, MyClientsPlus customer service is supportive and informative, helping practitioners resolve problems and learn to use the software.

” I contacted MCP, explained the problem, and received the most outstanding customer service I have ever experienced. They assisted in getting the system purged and ready to use (while leaving the billing history intact), assisted me with any questions I had during the transition period, and have been willing to help at every stage. I simply can’t say enough good about My Clients Plus and the people who run it.” – TrustPilot

“I’ve had a couple hiccups along the way, literally 2, and have received a quick response and resolution both times. I would definitely recommend this company to other professionals.” – TrustPilot

Elsewhere, customers reviewing MCP’s features had good things to say about its progress notes and interface, apart from a troublesome calendar layout:

“Easy to customize progress note and intake documents, simple note-taking layout, and ease of multitasking…Calendar format is hard to navigate, unattractive interface design.”

Others struggled with the billing features, finding it difficult to process insurance claims and payments:

“Occasionally, I will enter the pay now in error, or make an error between therapists. I am not always able to go back into the system and remove the transaction, after the fact.”Capterra

But overall, most loved MyClientsPlus for its ease of use; the majority of reviewers considered it good value for money:

“Time I would have spent on billing and developing a secure means of keeping my notes is now dedicated to growing my business and care of my clients.” – Capterra


Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of MyClientsPlus, we felt, was its somewhat punctuated workflow. More specifically, we disliked navigating between two separate browser tabs for the Client Portal, Calendar, and Telehealth Session functions (Jituzu), and the MCP tab for Billing, Reporting, and more.

Another small weakness was its relative slowness compared to other telehealth and practice management solutions we’ve tested.

That said, we appreciated the many mental health features MCP offers, such as sector-specific progress note templates, and we found its Billing and Reporting functions highly conducive to a more productive workflow. User experience aside, we felt it offered all the functionality we needed to efficiently run and manage a single-provider or smaller blended care practice.

Final Thoughts

Just as we appreciated MCP’s features from the perspective of an e-counseling practice, it was also clear from our test drive that MyClientsPlus could be just as suitable as a coaching management tool.

Even for some smaller e-clinics, there’s little risk of paying for a ‘bloated’ system with too many functions with the platform’s user-based pricing framework, and in any case – a 21-day free trial further removes the purchase risk.

While it takes some time to learn, and while solo providers might not utilize its full range of features, it has the advantage of telehealth sessions and a Client Portal that some other software in its price range don’t offer. Based on your practice needs, it could be worth trying out.

We hope you found this article useful. If you’re ready to enhance the mental health of others even more effectively, don’t forget to sign up for your $1 practitioner trial for 30 days of full access to all Quenza’s features and tools.

With everything you need to design unique, professional therapy solutions online, Quenza will help you make an even bigger positive impact on the lives of those you help.

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