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Software for life coaches

Life coaching is a relatively new field, but it’s a popular one; the number of life coaches has skyrocketed in the last year, as the demand for general guidance and support in life has grown.

Life coaches help people with a wide range of challenges, issues, and goals. A life coach might help a client build their time management or public speaking skills, partner with them to solve difficult relationship problems, or provide support and resources to help them heal from a mental health challenge.

Whatever type of coaching or techniques a life coach uses, one thing is guaranteed: they will need to adopt effective digital tools to be successful in today’s coaching environment.

Before you explore this guide, we think you’ll enjoy Quenza’s 1 dollar, 1 month digital toolbox trial. Our software is purpose-built to help you augment your impact as a professional coach, and will give you everything you need to deliver seamless, fully bespoke sequences to maximize your clients’ goal achievement.

Why Every Coach Should Use Software

Coaching software is not a one-size-fits-all product, but it is something every coach should be using.


Because it’s either difficult or virtually impossible to manage each aspect of your coaching practice without a good software product to help you, especially when you start working with a full roster of clients.

Imagine sending a text or making a phone call each time you need to schedule a new session. Or sending an individual email to each client with their invoice, created and customized manually each time. Or having to look back through email chains to find that resource you sent them a few weeks ago.

If that sounds exhausting, then you already know how coaching software can benefit even the most casual or part-time coaches!

8 Things to Look for in Your Software

So you know you need software to help you manage your busy coaching practice, but what kinds of features should it include?

Quenza Results Tracking Software for Life Coaches
Client responses, data, and results are all captured live on Quenza’s centralized HIPAA-compliant platform so that you can stay on top of your coachees’ progress throughout your programs.

Here’s a handy list of basic features you probably want your software to offer:

  1. Scheduling: your software should be able to handle scheduling meetings between you and your clients so you don’t have to.
  2. Communication: you should be able to quickly and easily communicate with your clients through your software of choice, whether that’s through an instant messaging feature or more of an email format.
  3. Invoicing and billing: your software should be able to handle creating custom invoices and sending them to your clients.
  4. Payment processing: your software should also be able to accept payments from your customers after they receive and view their invoices.
  5. Data collection: you should be able to collect at least some basic data from your clients via the product you choose, whether that’s biometric data, data on program compliance, or feedback from your client.
  6. Content and resource sharing: you should be able to conveniently share resources, information, and helpful handouts with your clients at the click of a button.
  7. Client profiles: the software should make it easy to create client profiles, view your clients and add relevant information.
  8. Exporting: whatever data you collect, resources you share, or notes you take, you should be able to quickly and easily export that information, whether that’s in the form of a PDF, a spreadsheet, or an image.

This list is a good start, but it’s certainly not exhaustive.

There are tons of options with tons of features out there!

It’s either difficult or virtually impossible to manage each aspect of your coaching practice without good software to help you, especially when you start working with a full roster of clients.

What is the Best Software for Life Coaches?

The single best option for you will depend on your practice and the features and tools that will best serve you.

Although it’s probably ideal to find one software for coaching that offers all these features (and more!), you might find that using two or three different products best meets your needs. Don’t be afraid to “mix and match” software products together if that mix suits your practice’s unique needs!

However, one of the best options currently available for life coaches is Quenza.

Quenza Software for Life Coaches
Quenza’s software for life coaches is an all-in-one solution, helping you run your practice more effectively while enhancing your professional impact.

8 Features Included in Quenza

If you haven’t already heard of Quenza, this is a great time to learn more about it. Quenza is a handy software that can help you take your life coaching practice to new heights!

Here’s a quick listing of some of Quenza’s best features:

  1. Drag and drop Activity Builder: the activity builder allows you to create exercises, homework, assessments, and more to help your clients learn and progress towards their goals.
  2. Pathway Builder: the pathway builder allows you to create fully customized sequences of activities, giving you a quick and convenient way to standardize your coaching practice.
  3. Activities Library: if you don’t have the time or space to create your own activities just yet, no worries—you can choose from an extensive library of evidence-based activities and pathways that have been proven to help clients like yours.
  4. Client app: the client app makes it easy for your clients to stay up-to-date and aware of their progress and keep connected and engaged in their own coaching journey; plus, it’s offered in 16 different languages!
  5. Progress tracking: Quenza allows you to view your clients’ responses instantly after activity completion and create visually appealing reports on completed activities.
  6. Client notes: Quenza offers a client notes section that makes it quick and convenient to take notes related to your clients, whether that’s notes from your sessions or general thoughts.
  7. Chat: the chat feature allows you to connect with your clients easily (in a fully encrypted format), and even export your conversations to PDF if needed.
  8. White label customization: you can use your own logo, your own brand colors, and your own “from” email address.

How To Use Quenza for Life Coaching

Quenza makes it easy to put these helpful tools and features to use. Let’s take a quick tour and see how you can use Quenza in your practice.

When you sign in to your Quenza account, you’ll find an interactive and easy-to-use dashboard. It’s your home in Quenza, and it will give you a quick overview of everything happening in your coaching practice right now.

You’ll see the latest notifications and messages, you can check out your stats (e.g., number of active clients, activities in progress, and pathways in progress), and you’ll get an update on the latest activities and expansions being added to the Quenza Expansion Library.

Quenza Dashboard Software for Life Coaches
Quenza’s HIPAA-compliant Dashboard and Client Profiles give you a convenient, centralized overview of everything that’s happening in your coaching practice.

From here, you can navigate to your Activities library, where you can choose science-based, evidence-backed templates to work with or create and customize your own unique activities. These activities can be simple information shares, quizzes, homework, handouts, forms, worksheets, and any other resources you can think of that might benefit your clients’ progress.

Once you have some Activities to work with, you can move on to the Pathways tab. Here, you can put your Activities together in Pathways that will best serve your clients’ needs.

You can create custom sequences of Activities, complete with adaptable intervals to create the perfect schedule of Activities.

When you have a steady group of clients you’re working with, you’ll love the client profiles. In this tab, you can view and edit your clients, see your notes, and check in on their progress. You can also choose to send them a one-off Activity or a Pathway here.

If you need to reach out to your clients about their progress or send them a quick note, you can head over to the chat tab to do just that.

Quenza Chat Software for Life Coaches
Quenza Chat is perfect for touching base with clients about their progress, answering questions, or sending feedback in real-time.

Here, you can create new chats or check in with your clients on existing Quenza Chats, as shown.

In the Support tab, you’ll find tons of resources, from a comprehensive listing of help topics, to popular articles on how to use Quenza’s features, to Quenza’s community of helpful users.

Connect with others to learn, share challenges, and solve problems. If the community can’t help, feel free to use the “Request a feature” function or contact the dedicated support team to get guidance.

Final Thoughts

Quenza makes it easy to boost your life coaching practice. No matter what kind of life coaching you do, it can help you create, customize, and send valuable content to your clients.

We’re adding new content and features all the time, so don’t forget to check back in to our blog to see what’s new.

Happy coaching!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Don’t forget to start your $1 trial of Quenza’s easy-to-use software for life coaches.

Quenza’s flexible toolbox is designed and built by e-coaching professionals to help you run your online practice more effectively, and will give you everything you need to enhance your impact for better client outcomes.

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